The Lighthouse of Santa Barbara

The Lighthouse is an apartment complex on the West Side of Santa Barbara. This is our second site that we have taken over and hope to renovate and transform into a more positive and welcoming community.


Learning Center

The Lighthouse Learning Center opened in September 2016 in a 2-bedroom apartment on site that has been transformed into a now learning center with a music and art room. We started out by serving each registered student 1 hour of tutoring a week and have grown to be able to serve every student every day and also offer a range of extra curricular activities such as art, dance, yoga, and music classes. Students have also been able to participate in our summer program as well as camps during school breaks. The Lighthouse continues to go through structural and internal transformations, increasing the sense of community and camaraderie between all of our residents.


Community Garden

The Lighthouse acquired an outdoor garden when The Junior League held a beautification day at our learning center in April 2017. We were able to transform 2 wooden pallets into a garden and with the help of our students and volunteers, we have maintained and grown our garden to 3 pallets and use the lettuce weekly in our snacks and offer herbs like cilantro to our tenants. The garden is open to all residents and is a great teaching tool about nutrition and organic eating. We also use it to emphasize water conservation as we use recycled water from our center to water the garden. We look forward to growing our garden even more and providing more fresh produce for our community!

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