Youth Programs


Tutoring Program

The Learning Center offers one-on-one tutoring M-F year round to youth K-12grade. Each child is paired with a tutor in 1-hour sessions and focuses on whatever subject the students needs the most improvement. The Village kids are able to sign up for daily 1-hour tutoring sessions, if needed, and have access to a full kitchen, library, internet and computer services to complete any type homework or educational assignment. Every day from 6-7pm The Learning Center offers “free time” where the children can come in and participate in various games, art projects or sports that help promote a sense of community to the youth.


Music Program

The Music Program is a weekly, year round program where children have the opportunity to have private one-on-one music lessons. Guitar, violin, drums and piano are instruments that are available to the children on-site. The Turner Foundation believes that music is universal and has the power to help our youth break through barriers, improve their education, work ethic, and commitment.


Summer Program

Each Summer, The Village offers an on-site summer program to youth K-12 grade. The program has been lucky enough to partner with the community and other organizations to provide awesome events such as surf lessons, a dodger game, volunteer projects and beach days. The hope and goal of the summer program is to provide unique opportunities to our youth that encourage team work, integrity, honesty and respect.

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