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Engame Dance Performance

April 1st, the students of The Village and The Lighthouse were invited to a special showing of Selah Dance Collective’s piece named Endgame. Selah Dance Collective is a contemporary dance company, which was started in 2013 by UCSB graduate Meredith Cabaniss. The show was joined by another dance company from New York City as well. The students were able to see the performance on Saturday afternoon at Center Stage Theatre. They were stunned by the show to say the least. 17 students ranging from 7- 12 years old sat through a 45 minute show enthralled with the edgy music, dynamic dance moves, and beautiful scenes created by the dancers on stage. After the show, the students were able to have dialogue with the dancers and ask questions. Many of the students dance hip hop or flamenco and were able to connect with the dancers on how different their styles were. The dancers even treated us to try out their props they used on stage. Walking home, the students commented on how cool the show was, which is about the highest compliment you can get with these guys. A special thank you to artistic director, Meredith Cabaniss for allowing us to experience your show! 

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