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Channel Islands Trip

The students of The Village Summer Camp have been working on Ocean Projects all summer about ocean effectors and how to better take care of our ocean. In partnership with Save the Mermaids, we have focused many of our lessons and field trips around environmental education and what we can do to make a difference. At the end of the summer, 6 finalists were picked based upon their ocean projects, enthusiasm, attendance, participation, and overall attitude and respect over the summer to go on a trip to the Channel Islands sponsored by Channel Island Outfitters. Save the Mermaids founder, Kaia Stachel-Zambryski led the trip and guided us on a kayaking tour through sea caves, snorkeling, and a hike around the Santa Cruz Island. We spotted some island fox and saw many different kinds of fish and marine life on our trip. It was many of the kids’ first time snorkeling and first time on one of the Channel Islands. It was definitely an adventure to remember and we are so grateful for the opportunity.

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