The Village is an apartment complex located on the West Side of Santa Barbara. This area has transformed over the past years into a safe and lively community. The staff is fully committed to improving the lives of the tenants and involved daily in the on-site programing offered to The Villagers.


Community Center

The Village Community Center is located in the heart of The Village and is open to tenants daily. This is a space where many events and programs take place such as food bank distribution, good news club and counseling sessions. Internet, computer and printing services are also available free of charge. Equipped with a full kitchen, it is a communal place that the adults of The Village can come cook, hang out and socialize.


Community Garden

Located next to The Community Center is The Village Garden. Residents are free to enjoy swiss chard, carrots, jalapenos, sweet peas, strawberries, kale, lettuce, tomatoes, rosemary, lemon thyme, cilantro and other seasonal plants whenever they please. Our staff is devoted to providing seasonal fruits and veggies. The Garden is an important tool that the staff uses to educate the adults and children on the care of the plants, healthy eating and the importance of recycling and composting.


Learning Center

The Village Learning Center was started in January 2013 and started out as a 3-bedroom apartment. Over the year the youth and teens of The Village have transformed it into a place of their own. It’s been a safe environment for the children to go to that focuses on education, responsibility, community service and mentorship.

The Village – After

The Transformation: Before & Construction

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