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Pilgrim Terrace Harvesting

Five weeks ago, the students of The Village and The Lighthouse partnered with Pilgrim Terrace gardens to plant some lettuce in their tower gardens to grow, then share with their families during our holiday dinner and showcase. With the unfortunate events of The Thomas Fire, our holiday event was cancelled, but we still had this amazing garden of vegetables we had grown. The students went and learned how to harvest the lettuce from the towers and then shared that harvest with the tenants that lived in their building. They passed out the lettuce and gave the tenants lessons on how to properly care for the fresh, local produce they helped to grow. While at Pilgrim Terrace, they got to try a new vegetable- the Royal Snowy Pea- and loved it so much, asked for seconds and some to take home! We are very grateful for the partnership with Pilgrim Terrace, helping us to spread the importance of a healthy diet as well as the benefits of growing our own food right here in our own backyard of Santa Barbara!

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